EPIC (Elders Participating in Community)

EPIC (formerly known as Elders connect) was created as a tool for Our Place partners to come together to promote and advance the aspirations of seniors and elders living in the DTES, Grandview-Woodland, and Strathcona neighborhoods. A particular emphasis is placed on the inclusion of Indigenous, Immigrant, and other excluded seniors.
EPIC partners and participating organizations support the commitment to:
  • Work together to develop a common vision, identify issues, and implement activities/projects through a coordinated and strategic approach.
  • Seek the perspectives of diverse local seniors and support their involvement in the design and delivery of EPIC activities.

The EPIC strategy seeks to build on current strengths and connections by engaging and supporting the capacity of existing elder/senior advocacy circles, activity groups, and collectives, while also working to increase resources for/access to inclusive programs, services, and opportunities that have demonstrated positive outcomes.

EPIC works with community partners and residents to determine which seniors are note engaged and how we can improve the accessibility of resources, support networks, and connection in the community.

Partner agencies support the leadership of local Elders and seniors, engaging them and others in dialogues and planning around their current realities and future aspirations.