Graduation Strategy


A birth to post-schooling initiative for children, youth, and their families, aimed at having every child in the Strathcona area graduate from high school and whatever post-secondary training they choose.

The Graduation Strategy is a community-based grassroots initiative with the primary objective of improving school success for children in Vancouver’s inner city. The idea is to develop individualized strategies that start with learners and their caregiver(s), to support access to a range of programs, services and resources available through Graduation Strategy partners.


Included inthis overarching strategy are many programs which support this objective:

  • Nutrition for pregnant moms and well-baby programs result in children who will be healthy learners.
  • Pre-School, early learning and childcare programs result in children who are ready to learn and thrive at elementary school.
  • Peer support, tutoring, and after school programs for middle years make for a smooth transition into secondary school.
  • Mentoring, homework support, and teen sports and recreation all promote high school success and interest in post-secondary education.
  • Primary health care and assessments, family support, counseling and advocacy, and adult education.

Outreach and referrals happen through schools, Community centres, Nurse Practitioners, housing, and other agencies.

A Graduation Strategy Partners Table meets regularly.  Action Teams are established to work on specific areas. This includes Attendance, Early Years, Middle Years, Parent engagement, and Indigenous Learners.

2017/2018 Highlights:2017-2018 in Review:

  • Funding Secured to Provide Additional Middle Years Supports
  • ALERT (Aboriginal Leadership Education and Reconciliation Team) created
    to advise and inform the work of the GS Strategy and promote the meaningful
    involvement of Indigenous people as both participants and decision makers. Group of parents, elders, youth
    and other community members as advisors helping to identify barriers and opportunities
    to complement, build and strengthen the efforts and activities of GS. This
    includes making recommendations on ways to incorporate indigenous  ways of knowing, being and learning in the
    work of Graduation Strategy partners, and taking on roles such as facilitating
    workshops or circles, planning events, providing one-to-one peer support to
    families/learners, and developing content/ curriculum.  Complete: Back to
    School Forum, HELP Forum, Celebration of Learning Event, ALERT meetings/sharing
    circles with parent advocacy and action focus
  • Worked with Community Schools Team to bridge the divide between
    elementary school teachers/ faculty and community support workers
  • Renewed data sharing agreement with VSB and GS