Healthy Communities

OurPlace child health is based on a strategic partnership with BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital, providing primary health care in key neighbourhood locations, including Ray Cam Community Centre, Strathcona Community Centre, local childcare centres and schools. This program is known as RICHER – it is health care that is Responsive, Intersectoral, Interdisciplinary, and Community Based.

Nurse Practitioners provide family primary health care and along with team pediatricians who provide specialist consultation work with community workers to ensure our children have access to consistent health care services.

Our focus is to respond to unmet health needs such as mental health and learning and developmental challenges. Working in partnership the team acts to ensure the mobilization of supports to foster child development and health ensuring that the children are well-positioned to succeed in school.

Strong healthy children need access to good food, stable housing, and a strong family support network. Our partnerships are actively engaged in activities that work to address the social determinants of health in ways that make sense for the families served.

Long Term Outcomes

- Funding and services are better coordinated, contiguous and leveraged

- Programs and services are accountable to the community they serve

- Greater knowledge and utilization of evidence-based practices among practitioners

- Greater support and resources for children and families in the community