Healthy children live in healthy families. Our Place is dedicated to improving the ability of families to solve problems and create a healthy future for our children.

Our Place supports parents to determine needs, service gaps and realize their potential for parent-to-parent skills sharing and support.

We can better equip parents to navigate the complex systems of child care subsidies, special needs supports, and other government programs in which our parents face systemic, language and cultural barriers.

Our Place creates opportunities for parents to access affordable community-based counselling and support.

Parents should be their child’s best advocate. Our Place assists by developing and enhancing advocacy skills that can result in better involvement with the formal systems of health, education, criminal and civil justice.

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Long Term Outcomes:

- Families support their children’s social, cognitive and physical development

- Families provide nurturing and positive emotional support for their children

- Families are connected to a supportive community

- Parents advocate for their children’s access to required programs and services