Vancouver’s inner city neighborhoods are some of the most vibrant in the city — but many of our local residents suffer from economic insecurity, a lack of affordable housing and retail, diminished educational opportunities and low graduation rates, systemic generational poverty, language barriers, and trauma.

Throughout North America, inner city communities are partnering with government, non profits, service providers, and local business to develop place based approaches and  “promise zones”: collective impact strategies to improve our neighbourhoods for everyone.

Research into childhood development tells us that in addition to family and school, neighbourhood culture had a separate and significant impact. Neighbourhoods with more successful outcomes for vulnerable youth were not necessarily more affluent, but the ones where kids believed that adults looked out for them.

More than any single influence on a child or community, it is the confluence of forces —including government, businesses, social service agencies, non-profits and community members — as a neighbourhood that truly fosters healthier kids and serves as a catalyst for positive community empowerment.

Our Place is a collaboration of residents, community organizations, local businesses, and community leaders in Vancouver’s Inner City. Our vision for the inner city is a place where children and their families can thrive; where everyone has access to needed resources that promote full inclusion; where school readiness is the norm; and where success is everyone’s expectation.