About Our Place

Our Place (Promoting Local Access and Community Empowerment) is a collaboration of residents, community-based organizations, and service providers committed to ensuring that Vancouver's inner city children have every opportunity for success.

Placed-based thinking is a strategic way of looking at how we structure and undertake planning in our communities that acknowledges unique and complex local realities. This approach mobilizes resources and capacity to be responsive to local needs and aspirations. Communities such as Vancouver’s inner city with pervasive social exclusion, poverty, and poor health, compound the issues faced by already vulnerable groups including Aboriginal peoples, immigrants, single parent families and the elderly. Place-based approaches work to actively engage citizens by removing barriers, and promoting people-centered, participatory service delivery and economic involvement, creating comprehensive, holistic and integrated solutions targeting both individual and broader community needs. Placed-based thinking is currently being adopted in many places around the world, with evidence mounting for its effectiveness as a framework for community coordination and planning.

OUR PLACE – which stands for Promoting Local Access and Community Empowerment -- is the name we have chosen to represent the place-based strategic planning and initiatives now underway in the Inner City of Vancouver. 

In OUR PLACE we create opportunities and capacity to:

  • Learn by participating in education and training
  • Work through participating in employment and voluntary opportunities
  • Care about our families, neighbors and community well-being
  • Engage and connect with people, with local community resources, and with businesses
  • Influence by using our voices to shape decisions and policies that impact us 


We believe no single government, non-profit, business, individual or organization can meet the needs of everyone in society BUT working in partnership they can make a difference for thousands. 

We believe to bring about widespread change in OUR PLACE we need to work on a scale large enough to create a tipping point in the cultural, social and economic norms that challenge our community.

We believe to be successful OUR PLACE will need an entire community working together, with strong local leadership (citizens) and connected voices influencing the decisions that impact us, leading to a community-based, quality continuum of services, good practice approaches and opportunities that are seamless and accessible.